Ages: 4-5 Years Old
Student/Teacher Ratio – 12:1

Today, parents are concerned that their children need to enter kindergarten with the ability to recognize numbers and letters. Although this may be true, what is even more important is to have a child who is enthusiastic about learning and socially able to be in a classroom environment.

At Bright Beginnings the lower than required student/teacher ratio combined with the implementation of the Creative Curriculum® ensures children can experiment and be active thinkers in learning how things work. Although repetition and practice are good for reinforcing what has been learned, a child needs to feel inquisitive to “figure out” how things work and how to solve problems.

Some children are visual learners, others are auditory, and some are read/write learners (they prefer learning from books and text). We foster environments where our students can explore on their own and engage in activities and with materials that interest them. We introduce our children to the world in a variety of ways so they can learn visually, auditorily, tactilely, and through text.

We identify a purpose for each lesson and we make activities engaging. We help your children explore the world of letters and numbers in an atmosphere that also develops social skills, cooperation, imagination, use of motor skills, and concentration. We encourage a love of learning.

About Creative Curriculum®

A Typical Day

7:00am-9:00am Greetings/ Centers*
9:00am-11:30am Breakfast*
Circle Time*
Outside Play*
Storytime/ Music & Music
11:30am-12:15pm Lunch & Rest Prep*
12:15pm-2:45pm Rest Time
2:45pm-4:30pm Snack*
4:30pm:6pm Outside Play*

* Students wash hands