Ages: 3-12 Months
Student/Teacher Ratio – 1:4

Infants are learning from the moment they are born. In the first two years of life, they transform from human beings that are entirely dependent on others to toddlers who can explore the world around them. The newborn brain develops by processing the information they receive from their primary senses. They use sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to start forming patterns and memories which are all part of cognitive brain development.

In following the Creative Curriculum® concept that young children learn best by doing, babies are actively engaged in their environment. In our safe yet stimulating Infant’s room, infants will see faces, hear voices, songs, and music; be exposed to and allowed to reach and explore objects of different colors, shapes, and textures. All this exposure promotes experimentation and active thinking as to how things work.

Our caregivers provide warm, engaging, and responsive relationships and this goes hand in hand with an intriguing environment that helps develop gross and fine motor skills, thinking, reasoning, and language ability.

In order to provide your infant with the best day possible, a parent or guardian is required to submit at dropoff a log with the following information:

  1. When they woke up
  2. When they last ate
  3. When they were last changed
  4. Any special instructions

With infants, there is no set schedule for infants as a group.  Each child has an individualized plan and this allows us to give each infant the best care.  Teachers sing, do finger play, and read stories throughout the day.  Children are also changed, fed, and put down for a nap according to their individual schedules.

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