Mornings in most American households with children are a constant bustle of energy and activity.  Parents must not only get themselves prepared for a busy workday, but they must also make sure their children have everything they need to face the day.  While we at Bright Beginnings do not alleviate all our parents’ morning stressors, we do assist by providing all of our students with nutritious meals throughout the day!

We start our students’ day off with a full breakfast in the morning, a complete lunch after the morning’s activities, and a snack in the afternoon. All meals are included with tuition, and they all follow the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which emphasize a wider variety of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, lean meat alternatives, and low-fat and fat-free dairy while minimizing added sugar and saturated fat.

Our commercial kitchen is run by our full-time cook who lovingly prepares and serves each meal to our children and staff.  Menus, with accommodations for vegetarian students and students with dietary restrictions, are created monthly.  Our monthly menus can be found below.

Nutritious, frequent meals result in healthy, engaged students!

View and Download our menu.