About Us

Who We Are

Bright Beginnings is a 5-star rated child care establishment offering full-time child care for children age 3 months to 5 years. Except for specific holidays and holiday weeks (please see our calendar), our hours of operation are from 7AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. Please visit our FAQs to get more basic information about our center.

Founded by former educators with family in mind, Bright Beginnings has been providing children with a nurturing and stimulating educational environment for over 20 years. Our fundamental philosophy of “jumpstarting” a lifetime of learning through love and learning is further explained on our history page.

Bright Beginnings is making a difference in this world by providing children with a place and a path to excel at their highest level of social and intellectual potential. Our center offers the space and the atmosphere needed for hands-on exploration, encouragement of discovery, and intellectual stimulation.

Unlike franchise establishments, Bright Beginnings Child Development Center is not incentivized by returns to the bottom line, we focus on graduating students who have the skills and confidence to succeed in their future academic and life journey.

Student/Teacher Ratios

Bright Beginnings maintains lower than required student-to-teacher ratios to ensure all of our children receive the attention and support they need. The ratios for each of the classrooms are listed in the Programs and Curriculum section. The lower-than-required student ratio means teachers and caregivers can deliver quality interactions leading to uncovering and nurturing each child’s strengths and helping them overcome their weaknesses. Because teachers are working in an environment conducive to student and individual growth, Bright Beginnings has low employee turnover rates. Many staff members have been with us for many years, not only because of the family atmosphere but also the rewarding experience of knowing they are having a positive impact. Children will see the same teachers and caregivers year after year and form social interaction behaviors that they will carry with them into the real world.

Parent/Teacher Relations

Since most of our teachers have children, we understand the needs of our parents. Parents are welcome to visit us anytime to meet with Shirley, volunteer in our classrooms, or simply observe their children. We schedule two parent/teacher conferences during the year for more in-depth conversations. Daily we provide our parents with a brief note describing their child’s activities for the day. All parents can stay connected to their child’s progress through Smartcare.com or the Smartcare app (free through Google Play and Apple Store).


We strongly believe that diversity of thought, race, gender, socioeconomic level, and appearance are critical to a child’s educational experience. Therefore, we strive to ensure our students and staff represent the wide variety of people our children will come in contact with beyond Bright Beginnings’ walls.

In addition, our classroom curriculums recognize and incorporate diversity, by valuing and honoring our differences. We are all different in appearance, language, cultural beliefs, physical abilities, and cognitive development. We acknowledge and celebrate these differences and incorporate them into our everyday learning; so in the end, our differences may make us more alike than we realize at first glance.


Nothing is more important than our children’s security. That’s why at Bright Beginnings, we only allow parents and visitors to enter the center through the locked front entrance. Once in our lobby, a Bright Beginnings staff member is present at all times to meet, greet and ensure that no person is allowed into the center who has not been approved beforehand. As an additional security measure, we require all parents and/or guardians to electronically sign in and sign out their children during drop-offs and pick-ups.

Security and safety go hand in hand. Our health and safety procedures ensure your child can grow and learn in a secure environment.